16/05/2013 justinlyon

Simudyne Spoke at Cisco Live

On the 25th of June 2013, Simudyne Chief Executive Officer Justin Lyon and U.S. Managing Director Howard Park spoke at the Cisco Live Executive Symposium 2013.

Justin and Howard discussed the problem of today’s complexities and how to maintain a competitive edge by handling both today’s and tomorrow’s complexities through sophisticated simulation science and intuitive data visualisation.


We live in a world experiencing exponential growth in data, threats, and opportunities and geometric growth in competition, innovation, expectations, and demands. It’s a perfect storm of risks and opportunities.

Justin was also recently interviewed by Microsoft’s Touch Magazine about the drivers that fed to the formation of Simudyne and the article will give you a flavour of what he said in Florida at CiscoLive’s Executive Symposium.

“Executives are crushed under the weight of big data. Simulations turn information on what happened into knowledge of what will likely happen tomorrow.”

– Justin Lyon, Simudyne


Howard Park, US Managing Director

The Executive Symposium where we discussed our technology solutions was by invitation-only within the Cisco Live conference, a leadership, technology, education, and networking convention hosted by Cisco. It brings global professionals together to participate in various events and workshops that serve to drive collaboration and open the doors to tomorrow’s innovations.

This year’s Opening Address was delivered by Cisco Chairman and Chief Executive Officer John Chambers, Chief Technology & Strategy Officer Padmasree Warrior, and Chief Futurist and Senior Director & Chief Technologist of the Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group Dave Evans. The Closing Keynote was presented by Founder and Chairman of Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson.

Watch our five-minute video to learn more.

We specialise in the development of ‘decision spaces’ that allow business leaders to assess, understand, predict and act out possible scenarios and potential decisions. These decision spaces are created worlds engineered to match the real. Whether it’s an office block in London or an entire healthcare system in the USA, what works in the real world works in our decision spaces.