Measuring Climate Risk with AI-Powered Simulation
Banks and Asset Managers Can Understand Their Climate Risk Now

Banks and asset managers are working to measure climate risk and disclose progress toward a sustainable future.

But current approaches have failed to offer them meaningful, impactful or sustainable answers.

Combined with traditional approaches, AI-powered simulation provides a more complete means of quantifying and evaluating the impact of climate change on balance sheets, profitability and cash flows including demand for capital to comply with fast evolving regulation. Clients, investors, and employees now expect transparent reports and disclosures that identify gaps and measure effort and progress related to climate change.

Institutions have found they need an effective and flexible approach to understand their climate risk before they can create effectively strategies to meet climate goals.

Central to this requirement is the need to generate scenarios to improve insight into the range of impact and potential strategies available to address the inherent commercial risks and opportunities in the years ahead.

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